Whole Body Vibration Platform 

Vibration technology is supported by research based evidence which has vibration exercise at the core of health practices such as sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic care, athletic training, beauty and wellness worldwide. This type of technology is used by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, professional sports teams, celebrities, medical rehabilitation and fitness centres.  

Whole Body Vibration Platforms are excellent example of the type of activity that will compliment the Lipo Laser treatments.

 Just one  session Whole Body Vibration could yield a significant calorie loss.  It has been calculated that 10 mins on the Whole Body Vibration machine would be similar to approximately a 5-6 km walk.  Since one gram of fat has 9 calories, and a single laser session releases approximately 40 grams of fat, it will require approximately 360 calories to burn the fat that was released. Vibration effect makes the muscle  contract involuntarily, all muscles being exercised will be activated making  extremely effective fat burning process. The Vibe also effectively strengthens muscles and increase flexibility, stimulate the lymphatic system for proper drainage from the tissue.

Price for One session of 10 min Vibe is $50