"It is very true - If you look good, you'll feel better about yourself. You'll feel more confident at work, at home and at play.   Others will admire you and pay more attention to you. Thank you so much for your hard work and for wonderful results on Skin Rejuvenation  treatment I had at Iris! All  brown spots  on my face are gone, skin looks much younger  and tighter.  I highly recommend this place to everybody. Great service! "  
  Kelly Rid  

"I always wanted to try a permanent hair reduction technique but was put off by my friends' reviews of laser hair removal and how painful it is. I am so glad i discovered IPL. Its easy, pain free and it works! Now all my friends are switching to services at Iris!"

Alina Richards

"Purchased one IPL treatment and was able to make an appointment the same week. Irina is very friendly and knowledgable, during the procedure she kept asking if there was any pain which made it nice and comfortable. The next day i saw enough results to rebook! Great experience."

Sarah A

"Excellent service and very professional people , I would strongly recommend this company to everybody ! Thank you so much Victor for doing a good job on my eye brows !"

 Shannon E 

"Wow,the micro-current really works! I used to have a line in the middle of my forehead that started to bug me and now it is pretty much gone! As well ,the folds on each side of my nose/mouth are way less pronounced...Super cool!"


"I had a laser hair removal done and seems that the techniques and the equipment Irina uses are way more advanced then what some other expensive clinics offer. Very pleased with the results. Also Irina is very professional and knowledgeable which i expect from the health/beauty expert."

 "Irina & Victor are very professional & welcoming. I've had 2 eye brow liner applications done over the past 10 years so I was familiar with the process - or so I thought. Never before had the individual applying the tattoo liner measured my face/brow area, nor had they spent time sharing their wisdom with me on the how, why & where of the process. Sure, they'd outlined my brow shape with a temp liner to show me their vision before they started but again, never had they gone into any detail. Needless to say I was very impressed & instantly recognized that Victor knew what he was dong & that I was in good hands. I was so impressed I have already purchased another service-highly recommend!"


"The technician Victor was very professional and thorough. He explained the whole procedure and I had total faith in him and very proud of the results. Would go again and refer friends. Excellent!"

Andrea B

 "I have to admit that I rarely go on websites to write reviews but I just had to recommend Irina at Iris Beauty Solution! I originally bought a Groupon for a Laser Hair Removal treatment and wanted to try it out since I had never done that before. I have done 3 sessions so far on 3 different areas and I am seeing great results. Irina really knows what she is doing and has a wealth of knowledge about hair removal and problematic skin. I also go to her for facials and I really love her method. She uses proper disinfecting techniques and does a wonderful job with extractions and customized treatments for my skin.  

I have always had a bit of an acne problem and I have been to many places in Vancouver to do facials. I don't really want to give names but I never found a place that I could really trust and know that my face was going to be really well taken care of. After just 2 facials with Irina at an interval of 2 weeks, I am seeing really good improvements and I think anybody out there who is looking for help with treating problematic skin should give this place a try. It took me almost 3 years to finally find this place after wasting money on "fancy" places that only "massaged my face" without addressing the real issues. 

P.S. I grew up in Europe and for those of you who are familiar with the techniques used in  Europe would really appreciate her work."

Wang J