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    Permanent makeup offers a long term solution to looking your best while saving time and money. Whether you are a busy or active woman, allergic or do not have a steady hand, permanent make up will enhance your beauty for years. A certified technician will apply a cosmetic tattoo that highlights and gives a more dramatic or a more natural look to eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Certified by Biotouch Canada, Iris Beauty Solution uses the safest, highest-quality pigmentation, and highest standard of medical equipment to produce reliable and natural results.
  We do not use stencils and create natural custom look  for your personal preference using combined techniques such as hair strokes,powder and solid fills.    
   The color and shape of your eyebrows will be approved by you prior to tattooing. Permanent cosmetic makeup is not an exact science, but rather an art form so the final product does vary from individual to individual. The  chosen  color for your eyebrows usually does become about 40%  lighter at its final stages, and may look dark for the first few weeks. During the healing process your body may reject the ink and as a result some patches and unevenness in color can occur. Every person heals differently and the color can and often does change during the healing process. For example: brown shades of ink are made by combining red, blue and yellow tones. Due to their chemical make up, the red and yellow  tones are less stable and can be broken down by the body easier/at a faster rate. This can, in some cases, cause eyebrows to have a greyish hue after some time in some individuals. Such instances, although rare, can happen and are completely out of our control. Color correction follow-up can be done to adjust any imperfections. Generally speaking, follow-up procedures may be required to adjust the work and it may take up to at least 3 additional visits to achieve your desired look. 
Our prices do NOT include touch ups  and during 8 weeks after first  session we charge each visit only 50% of the cost of first appointment. 
Expected time for appointment is 1 hour for eyeliner top or bottom, 2 hours for eyebrows or lip liner, 3 hours full lips.
We do not give refunds and we have the right to refuse service.  


The process of improving the appearance of your  eyebrows with semi permanent eyebrow tattooing  involves the delicate and precise addition of color and hair strokes to your natural eyebrow hair.  Each hair is individually and carefully drawn to give you an attractive, soft and natural look.

Price  for Eyebrows  $450 

One of the most beneficial uses of  eyeliner semi permanent make up is to recreate the illusion of eyelashes, profoundly enhancing the beauty of your eyes giving them a vibrant  expression. 

Price for  Eyeliners: Top or Bottom Liner $375   

Semi permanent make up  is perfect for irregularly shaped lips, thin lips, or lips with uneven vermilion border. It corrects the lipstick "bleeding" into the fine lines around your mouth making your lips look fuller, lusher, and evenly  pigmented. 

Price for  Lips: Lip liner $ 325  Lip Fill $450