Laser Hair Removal Vancouver.

Even though laser hair removal gained popularity in the recent years due to the tantalizing promise of permanent results, it is known to be quite painful. We are using a new generation of hair removal machines IPL laser. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is the only proven pain-less method for hair reduction that will give you equally satisfying results  without the suffering.  Intense Pulsed Light technique is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Having more melanin than other tissues, the hair follicle's pigment absorbs the light, which is then converted into heat. The light energy heats the hair follicle only and inhibits its growth mechanisms without harming the skin.  The IPL device allows for customizable settings (wavelengths, number of pulses, duration of pulses, delay between pulses, and power delivered) to best match the relative depth, size, and absorption characteristics of individual's hair type and to avoid causing damage to the areas that need to be preserved . This machine works on most  skin and hair types (except grey and fine blond). It works best on dark and coarse hair.

IPL tremendously speeds up the procedure though the use of a large-size crystal that allows to project treatment onto a larger area. The procedure time is cut so drastically that some of our customers manage to get their treatment done during lunch time!

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