Electrolysis hair removal Vancouver.

In electrolysis, a hair-width fine wire filament, (fine needle or probe), is inserted into the hair follicle (which is a natural opening of the skin surface) and an electrical current is passed down to the tip of the probe. This results in destroying the growing portion of the hair follicle so it can no longer produce new hair. A slight heat sensation is felt during the current flow. The electrologist then gently slides the loosened hair out of the hair follicle with ease, using tweezers. Electrolysis is the only  proven for 125 years metod for permanent hair removal.     
We are using the newest painless machine  Evolution 5 based on Vector Modulation Technology and manufactured by award winning leader in cosmetic industry Sihouet-Tone. 
Vector Modulation=Optimum Confort
  • By sending a rapid,high pulse (2000/sec), at the beginning improves client'tolerance for subsequent impulsions.
  • This impulsion fools the pain receptors.
  • Enabling other impulsions to be added, thus increasing treatment efficiency without any discomfort.
  • Vector Modulations "cascading downward" transfers more energy in the follicle to deliver faster and better result.

 Price for Electrolysis 

 $2 for 1 min , minimum of $30 for 15 min.

 Enhance your skin and body with the lasting effect of  Electrolysis!

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