State of the Art Laser Hair Removal  Palomar Vectus- the most effective, safest and fastest Diode Laser to date. 

Vectus is a Diode 810nm laser for hair removal developed by the R+D=I at Palomar Medical Inc, the leading company in patent design for laser hair treatments in close collaboration with Wellman Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, the best laser research centre worldwide.

    The benefits of Palomar Vectus Diode Laser 810 nm : 

  1. Greater long term efficiency in each session's results

  2. Reduces the number of sessions required.

  3. Highly effective on fine and fair hair

  4. Treatment is Painless . Sapphire laser tips with advanced Contact Cooling stays cold (4 C) during whole treatment, helps     protect the epidermis and keeps clients comfortable.

   5. Safety. The only FDA-cleared melanin reader SKINTEL optimizes hair removal treatments tailored to each client's skin type, lifestyle and ethnicity.

   6. Each session lasts less minutes than any other laser, due to large "spot size". For more precision and smaller regions the Vectus also has the option to use a 1/2" x 1/2" spot size which also fires many times faster than old fashioned less powerful machines.

    These benefits are due to:

  •     A maximum power output over twice high as any other laser hair removal machines.
  •     A short pulse delivery capacity with high energy concentration.
  •     25% more heating off the follicle due to Photo Recycling System (extra 25% of  energy reflected by the skin)
  •     A plateau type  pulse known as gentle pulse, that prevents heat peaks and therefore burning: facilitating heat diffusion to the stem cells in the hair follicle.

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