Cosmetology is the science of preserving youth. Iris Beauty is not only a modern cosmetology provider since 2011, it is a source of youth, beauty, confidence and self-love. Make time for yourself to be loved and pampered by coming to us to get rid of age-related changes or unwanted hair, loose a few inches of body fat or to make your skin look brighter and healthier. We are proud that our clientele includes both men and women. For all your cosmetology needs, we here to help.   

Iris Beauty Solution Services


                                      Laser Hair Removal                                  Photo Facial

                                      IPL Skin Rejuvenation                               Microdermabrasion

                                      Lipo Laser                                                Organic Peel



We are proud to introduce  Nelly De Vuyst Bruxelles - the "HIGHT END"  products containing natural substances of vegetable origin. All products are formulated based on the latest discoveries in cosmetology. Nelly De Vuyst uses an extensive array of plant extracts and essential  oils that are obtaint from certified botanical species organicaly grown and carefully extracted to maintain the wealth and benefits nature provides. Products are Certified Organic by Ecocept according to the highest European Quality standards.
Nelly De Vuyst products are sold in over 25+ countries world wide. This specialty skin care line is known for Result and a Science-Based Approach to correcting  skin problems, with millions of satisfied customers.
More information at Product list and prices at the our Store.

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